Skin on Metal / Metal on Skin: I Think I Scan

Shock Hands

Do you feel like a machine?

Do you feel like you can’t ‘see’ anymore, but instead ‘scan’?

Do you feel like your eyes are cameras?

Has too much scrolling on social media sent your eyes permenantly rolling?

Do you feel like your hands have fused with your keyboard?

terminator vision


Do you wish you were a machine?

Do you wish your eyes were cameras?

Do you wish your hands were fused to your keyboard?

Do you wish your skin was metal?

Then take I Think I Scan.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, I Think I Scan can help you. (May cause side effects)

Roam freely,

Become liquid, powerful,

Turn your hands into your favourite objects,

Walk through flames.


terminator eyes

I Think I Scan is brought to you by Jakob Boeskov, Timothy DeWit and Matthew Morandi, and Pork Salad Press (which mysteriously seems to be offline). It was originally released on vinyl with Mr Boeskov’s sketches displayed in a 16 page booklet. There were only 500 copies though. Can you find one?

For a quick dose, take ‘Computer Eyes’ first, leaving a healthy amount of space for dancing.


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